Description This opportunity is available for a home health setting for 13 weeks in FL. Therapist will treat an adult and geriatric population seeing approximately 5-6 patients per day. Candidates with home health experience are desired. ...

Gulf Shores, AL

Fri, 01 Mar 2024 23:56:14 GMT

In-House Legal Counsel

*Please note, this position is employed to support A&K Travel Group, not just Crystal Cruises.* Job Summary... A&K Travel Group (AKTG), the parent company to Abercrombie & Kent and Crystal Cruises, is seeking a highly motivated attorney...

Crystal Cruises
Aventura, FL

Tue, 30 Jan 2024 23:57:33 GMT

Vice President, Global Air Sales & Operations

***Please note, this is a position employed through and supporting A&K Travel Group, not solely Crystal Cruises...

Crystal Cruises
Aventura, FL

Tue, 12 Mar 2024 23:58:29 GMT

A&K VP, Global Private Travel Sales Acquisition

with organizations focused on catering to high-net-worth individuals with a propensity to travel with A&K and Crystal Identify, create...

Crystal Cruises
Downers Grove, IL

Tue, 12 Mar 2024 23:53:48 GMT

A&K Sales Director - Texas

brand, Crystal, in field sales as required. Skills and Abilities Experience in Strategic Territory Management...

Crystal Cruises

Thu, 11 Apr 2024 22:32:17 GMT

Product and Contracting Manager

Position Summary As the Product and Contracting Manager for the USA & Canada DMC, you will oversee all facets of product development and contracting. This includes spearheading product and destination enhancements, managing contracts and ...

Crystal Cruises
Downers Grove, IL

Sat, 06 Apr 2024 22:55:58 GMT

A&K Tailor Made Sales Assistant

Position Summary The Sales Assistant is responsible for assisting Travel Consultants in sales, administration, and preparation of all operational components and documents related to a booking. Responsibilities and Accountabilities Prov...

Crystal Cruises
Downers Grove, IL

Sat, 06 Apr 2024 22:06:43 GMT

A&K Manager, Small Group Journeys

Position Summary Achieve annual sales goals by providing effective management and leadership skills. Responsibilities and Accountabilities Develop sales strategies and use reporting metrics to measure, analyze, and evaluate the effect...

Crystal Cruises
Downers Grove, IL

Wed, 27 Mar 2024 23:04:46 GMT

Junior Graphic Designer

Position Overview: We are seeking a Junior Graphic Designer with a flair for print design to join our creative team. In this role, you will assist in creating visually stunning materials such as brochures, direct mail campaigns, marketing...

Crystal Cruises
Aventura, FL

Sat, 16 Mar 2024 23:25:45 GMT

Specialist, Shipboard HR

Job Summary The Specialist, Shipboard HR offers extensive support services to the Shipboard HR team, encompassing a diverse range of responsibilities, including but not limited to: * Manage the uploading of all documents to Adonis Persona...

Crystal Cruises
Aventura, FL

Position Summary Strategically manage a sales territory, selling & marketing a global portfolio of Abercrombie & Kent products and experiences to the retail travel agency community, with a focus on the Luxury Travel & Leisure Markets. Imp...

Crystal Cruises
Atlanta, GA

Tue, 12 Mar 2024 23:50:37 GMT

A&K Product Manager, Africa

Position Summary The Product Manager drives the product to meet A&K USA's overall strategy and commercial sales goals. This includes negotiating, managing the product lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements...

Crystal Cruises
Downers Grove, IL

Tue, 12 Mar 2024 23:44:17 GMT

A&K Manager, Marketing Communications

Position Summary The Marketing Communications Manager is responsible for the management and creation of marketing plans and assets to support key business goals for Abercrombie & Kent. The Marketing Manager will support the marketing team...

Crystal Cruises
Downers Grove, IL

Tue, 12 Mar 2024 23:41:45 GMT

A&K DMC Business Facilitator

Position Summary Work with A&K’s international destination management offices to facilitate the sales cycle process for direct business from retail travel agencies in the North American market. Responsibilities and Accountabilities Ma...

Crystal Cruises
Downers Grove, IL

Tue, 12 Mar 2024 23:35:42 GMT

A&K Air Concierge

Position Summary Responsible for managing and selling primarily international air itineraries. Responsibilities and Accountabilities Maintain air files, work Sabre queues, and communicate schedule changes and fare increases/decreases ...

Crystal Cruises
Downers Grove, IL

Cruise Jobs Search

CareerJet Jobs Script Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to integrate it in a website and existing .php file?

If you downloaded and extracted the files in a sub folder /careerjet-jobs , it's enough to add such line of php code:


in order to show the jobs by category or the following line:


in order to show the latest jobs. You can also add them both on a single page and change their positions in order to have for example the jobs by category show up at the top and latest jobs below or the jobs by category to show in the middle, while the latest jobs in a right panel etc.

2) Changing the different settings like CareerJet Affiliate ID, preferred country, number of results per page and others

To change these values, you need to edit the configuration file - config.xml located in the /careerjet-jobs folder.

You may check the content of the sample config.xml file below -

		<latest_jobs_default_category>Gemide iş</latest_jobs_default_category>

The values you could modify in the configuration file are

aff_id - this your CareerJet affiliate id, you could get one by signing up as publisher on the CareerJet website
default_country - the default country for which the script will display the jobs, uou may find below the list of the currently support countries
cs_CZ      Czech            Czech Republic 
da_DK      Danish           Denmark
de_AT      German           Austria
de_CH      German           Switzerland
de_DE      German           Germany
en_AE      English          United Arab Emirates
en_AU      English          Australia
en_CA      English          Canada
en_CN      English          China
en_HK      English          Hong Kong
en_IE      English          Ireland
en_IN      English          India
en_MY      English          Malaysia
en_NZ      English          New Zealand
en_OM      English          Oman
en_PH      English          Philippines
en_PK      English          Pakistan
en_QA      English          Qatar
en_SG      English          Singapore
en_GB      English          United Kingdom
en_US      English          United States
en_ZA      English          South Africa
en_TW      English          Taiwan
en_VN      English          Vietnam
es_AR      Spanish          Argentina
es_BO      Spanish          Bolivia
es_CL      Spanish          Chile
es_CR      Spanish          Costa Rica
es_DO      Spanish          Dominican Republic
es_EC      Spanish          Ecuador
es_ES      Spanish          Spain
es_GT      Spanish          Guatemala
es_MX      Spanish          Mexico
es_PA      Spanish          Panama
es_PE      Spanish          Peru
es_PR      Spanish          Puerto Rico
es_PY      Spanish          Paraguay
es_UY      Spanish          Uruguay
es_VE      Spanish          Venezuela
fi_FI      Finnish          Finland
fr_CA      French           Canada
fr_BE      French           Belgium
fr_CH      French           Switzerland
fr_FR      French           France
fr_LU      French           Luxembourg
fr_MA      French           Morocco
hu_HU      Hungarian        Hungary
it_IT      Italian          Italy
ja_JP      Japanese         Japan
ko_KR      Korean           Korea
nl_BE      Dutch            Belgium
nl_NL      Dutch            Netherlands
no_NO      Norwegian        Norway
pl_PL      Polish           Poland
pt_PT      Portuguese       Portugal
pt_BR      Portuguese       Brazil
ru_RU      Russian          Russia
ru_UA      Russian          Ukraine
sv_SE      Swedish          Sweden
sk_SK      Slovak           Slovakia
tr_TR      Turkish          Turkey
uk_UA      Ukrainian        Ukraine
vi_VN      Vietnamese       Vietnam
zh_CN      Chinese          China

results_per_page - the number of results / jobs per page you prefer, by default it's set to 20
latest_jobs_number - the number of jobs showing up in the latest jobs section
latest_jobs_default_category - the default category for the latest jobs section, you can enter any word - the search will be performed by it or leave empty

3) How to define your own job categories?

You could do that by editing the categories.xml file located in the /careerjet-jobs folder.

You may find below the content of the sample categories.xml file we are using in our demos:

	<category>Customer Service</category>
	<category>Human Resources</category>

To add more categories, you need to add more lines in the categories.xml by keeping the same file format.